Sunday, August 3


Loving this cute work of nature. Another one of mother earth's great examples of metamorphosis. I love the transformation from hairy genitalia to a beautiful bright paper-like bloom! A shout out also to the small pinkish bells, a Japanese native, the Pieris Japonica- my current favourite. Good night x

Friday, May 16


Really loving this mix of natives and roses! Mum wasn't too happy as there isn't a collection of crazy colours-- this week I wanted to settle for a palette that is easy on the eyes to capture the now cooler temperatures in sydney! That's right it's getting cold as fuck. 

Ps. I love the ornamental berries in this one but they are a little bit scented- it's an interesting arome of sweet timber. so make sure you take that into account when you purchase as some may find it pleasing to the sense some may not ;) 

Monday, May 12

Journal 6: Long Box Design

First picture- 
Flowers: Rose, Tea tree, Geraldton Wax
Foliage: Eucalyptus

Second picture-
Flowers: Rose, Geraldton Wax
Foliage: Emu Grass

Journal 5: Spiral Stem Flat Back III

Flowers: Sea Holly, Tea Tree, Ornamental Berries
Foliage: Eucalyptus

Journal 4: Spiral Stem Flat Back II

Flowers: Columbian Roses, Geraldton Wax,

Foliage: Emu Grass

Journal 3: Spiral Stem Flat Back I

Flowers: Dahlia, Easter Daisy, Leucadendrons

Friday, May 2

Sunday, March 2

Christchurch: so fresh and so clean

A Quick run down:

Hummingbird Cafe" a cute spot and what lovelier place to have your breakkie than a rooftop?

New architecture as a response to Christchurch's volatile earthquake prone land. Still just a beautiful place.

Flowers: It was the Flower Festival in town. So blessed to have been here at this time and seen this. Inspiring.

These things are just what makes this town beautiful. The drive to a fresh start and building on, moving on and creating. In this world filled with calamities and bad things, I think this is what epitomizes the great qualities of humans- our determination to create.

Pak and Save: One of my favorite things in New Zealand.

Thank you for being nice to us Christchurch ;0)


Sunday, February 23

The catalyst of exploration: NZ

I wanted to document my New Zealand trip, but I should've known that mobile data and wifi would be an issue. I think I knew.. I think we all know.. But we refuse to believe such a technologically backward world. I mean I can't believe were going through moments of having to wait for an smooth internet connection so that the Facebook page would load. What a world! #firstworldproblems. 

So I shall recount my story through chronologically sorted titles. Titles representing places of exploration. First up, Christchurch. 

Saturday, January 4

“After a while, the residents of the sea do not hear the sound of the waves. How bitter it is, the story of routine.” - Unknown

Mad real night.

Here and again I find myself wondering what am I even doing with this blog... Then I post crazy shit like this and I realise why. 

Oh nothing, just casually chilling with THE ROOTS!!! Phone getting passed around HAA!

Thursday, December 5

? impressive one

When exactly did it all change? Has it always been this way? A noisy world whose main goal is to create a good impression. Is it that we would be like animals out of its cage if we didn't care about making a good impression? How true are we to ourselves and to others when we make that first impression? And what is the intention behind the production of a 'good' impression? Are we more concerned about making a 'good impression' rather than showing that person a glimpse of our true selves? When seeking to others for advice in the dating world, it's funny how close friends, family and allies alike, who knows your core, reaffirms the importance of individuality and that you should "never be someone you're not" and to settle for "someone who loves you for who you are" though those (perhaps the same people) less close advice us to give a good impression when meeting someone for the first time. Also, they remind you to be critical about THAT someone on THAT first night. What a world of paradox. 
What is a good impression if not the confirmation of a bad impression? On a scale, how far away or close are we from our true self when we make that impression? Are you okay with that?  

Thursday, November 7

Rap is what we do. Hiphop is how we live. -KRS One

Sunday, September 22

A Love Hate Thing

Lobo Plantation.

A little underground Cuban oasis. Dressed as elaborately as the time and setting, this joint is almost like a beautiful badass mirage. Tucked right in the heart of the CBD (and in such close proximity to its neighbouring cousins, Baxter Inn, Grandmas...), this young Havana escape is added into the mix. Just when I thought Clarence street couldn't get any better. 

Love. Cocktails. On Point. Some of my favourites are the Nuclear Daiquiri and Jamaican Julep. This is also the joint where I've had the best Mojito. Although overall, the food isn't impressive enough to hold you breath for, a special shout out is warranted for the three dishes that is just outstanding-- Baked Cheese balls, Tamales and the amazing Black Bean Stew (YES. CHICKEN.) Oh and the Banana Chips (Gadaaymm)! And as we like it, all wrapped up in tropical button up shirts with bow ties and floral ties as finishing touches, the some of the friendliest and finest mixologists are definitely amazing at what they do. 

Here's my cocktails list I'd like to share with y'all : Jamaican Julep, Pre Elixir, Millionaire, Mojito, Meassage In A Bottle, South East Side and my (not on the menu) personally recommended love, The Nuclear Daiquiri. 

However, this place could really amp it up by delivering ace customer service-- specifically to the ones on the floor. I mean, when I ask for 'your recommendation' I'm after a personal answer not a recitation of the menu. This is where we develop a relationship. Don't waste the opportunity. Also, YES, congratulations on the five stars on Timeout Sydney! But a bunch of star rating shouldn't trigger any sort of cockiness so much as to start telling your customers (who most likely spend a couple of hundreds of dollars) to 'get the fuck out' when it's passed the licensed time. I'm pretty sure a simple 'Hey guys, the bars closed. Sorry to see you go but we've passed the licensed time! Hope you all had a great night! Until next time.' To the (not so) gentleman who told everyon to fuck off on Saturday night, you need to educate yourself, take either a Hospitality or People Skills Course or something. Better yet, take some pointers from the bar staff. Prior to this encounter, I've held a little love for Lobo and it has been quite a high personal recommendation of mine to my friends and those who have sought for my advice. Today, I sit here wondering and second guessing myself-- a place I don't like being in. 

Though, besides that little hump, I do love this place. That sexy bathroom, a bar filled with experienced and lovely bar tenders that will create a drink to blow your mind is what makes this world go round. I mean, despite the slightly mismatched choice of music, I come back again and again and again wanting more of those beautiful poison mixes. This is a Cuban rum bar joint. Let it be heard! Change your music (if you need suggestions, hit me up, I've got the perfect playlist), bring Havana to Sydney and get your groove on. This place has so much potential and a little tweak here and there wouldn't hurt.

Oh how I love you and I love you and I hate you and I love you.

Of course, you must check this Carribean pocket out for yourself. (Serious Voice) Thinking of a Friday gig? Unless you love the breath of fresh air and the cry of the city's sirens, get in there early. 5pm early. Let me know what you think!

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Saw the coolest car today.

Tuesday, September 17

Sunday, September 15

"... death is not an enemy but a brother. Death is a beautiful naked man who looks like Apollo, and he is not satisfied with those who wither away in old age. Death is a perfectionist, he likes the young and beautiful, he wants to stroke our hair and caress the sinew that binds our muscle to bone."

One of the many beautiful passages in Captain Corellis Mandolin by Louis de Bernières. 

Thursday, August 22


Marrickville Ritz Hotel
Fresh off the oven. Who would've thought, Marrickville. 

This place is super new. I've only visited it once so unfortunately I wont be very helpful in giving you an objective recommendation. That being said I wont be attempting to recommend this place, YET. The sweet dimly lit pub, gives off an usually clean vibe. It's interesting to have an ambience of Surry Hills in this part of this city.

The DJ has to go. We came into a blanket of unappealing house music, which led me to ask for some hip-hop vibes. He replied with a confident "Yep, I'm about to put that next." Excited I went back to our party. Then Kendrick Lamar comes on followed by another Kendrick Lamar and the 'hip-hop set ended in Frank Ocean's Super Rich Kids. Now, there are just so many thing I can see how this type of dj-ing is so bad bordering on criminal, but I wont get into it. I'll give him props to putting on Disclosure and yes MJ was thrown in there, but its too late. This place needs a better DJ. SOON.

I hope this hotel take on criticism nicely and work towards bettering it because this is exactly what Sydney needs. Nice little oasis of good food, great drinks and awesome music just to spend the night away.


Tuesday, July 30

Saturday, July 6

Thursday, July 4

Last Saturday With Mr Jones

Excelsior Jones, Canterbury

What a nice way to spend a raining Saturday. 

This little abyss is smack bang on the corner of one of the craziest roundabout/intersection in the quiet streets of Ashbury. Greeted by an awesome waitress with a sick Basquiat hair, she also took our order the way no other have done before- she sat next to us. Made us feel so at home. As she congratulated us with our food for three for two, our coffee and chai came short after :) Great coffee and if you normally like your chai with a little bit of honey, their brew is already on the sweet side. Although I found it rather unnatural to not add honey, it tasted amazingly without it! We missed out on the breakfast menu, so didn't try the granola, but the highly recommended mushroom on toast was on site, with cheeseburger and  Pork hash we were ready to own this joint. The Cheeseburger had sweet potato on the side which was awesome! The Pork Hash was so nice and the Mushroom on toast was definitely the best I've ever had. Besides the fact that I wish the music was a little bit louder, this joint had a chilled vibe with a relaxed non-pretentious Ashfield-Canterbury people (just hungry people) 

One thing Id like to point out was that I wish the music was a little bit louder :) 

Here's a picture, a keep sake. See you there !! x 

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