Thursday, December 5

? impressive one

When exactly did it all change? Has it always been this way? A noisy world whose main goal is to create a good impression. Is it that we would be like animals out of its cage if we didn't care about making a good impression? How true are we to ourselves and to others when we make that first impression? And what is the intention behind the production of a 'good' impression? Are we more concerned about making a 'good impression' rather than showing that person a glimpse of our true selves? When seeking to others for advice in the dating world, it's funny how close friends, family and allies alike, who knows your core, reaffirms the importance of individuality and that you should "never be someone you're not" and to settle for "someone who loves you for who you are" though those (perhaps the same people) less close advice us to give a good impression when meeting someone for the first time. Also, they remind you to be critical about THAT someone on THAT first night. What a world of paradox. 
What is a good impression if not the confirmation of a bad impression? On a scale, how far away or close are we from our true self when we make that impression? Are you okay with that?  

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