Thursday, August 22


Marrickville Ritz Hotel
Fresh off the oven. Who would've thought, Marrickville. 

This place is super new. I've only visited it once so unfortunately I wont be very helpful in giving you an objective recommendation. That being said I wont be attempting to recommend this place, YET. The sweet dimly lit pub, gives off an usually clean vibe. It's interesting to have an ambience of Surry Hills in this part of this city.

The DJ has to go. We came into a blanket of unappealing house music, which led me to ask for some hip-hop vibes. He replied with a confident "Yep, I'm about to put that next." Excited I went back to our party. Then Kendrick Lamar comes on followed by another Kendrick Lamar and the 'hip-hop set ended in Frank Ocean's Super Rich Kids. Now, there are just so many thing I can see how this type of dj-ing is so bad bordering on criminal, but I wont get into it. I'll give him props to putting on Disclosure and yes MJ was thrown in there, but its too late. This place needs a better DJ. SOON.

I hope this hotel take on criticism nicely and work towards bettering it because this is exactly what Sydney needs. Nice little oasis of good food, great drinks and awesome music just to spend the night away.


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