Thursday, July 4

Last Saturday With Mr Jones

Excelsior Jones, Canterbury

What a nice way to spend a raining Saturday. 

This little abyss is smack bang on the corner of one of the craziest roundabout/intersection in the quiet streets of Ashbury. Greeted by an awesome waitress with a sick Basquiat hair, she also took our order the way no other have done before- she sat next to us. Made us feel so at home. As she congratulated us with our food for three for two, our coffee and chai came short after :) Great coffee and if you normally like your chai with a little bit of honey, their brew is already on the sweet side. Although I found it rather unnatural to not add honey, it tasted amazingly without it! We missed out on the breakfast menu, so didn't try the granola, but the highly recommended mushroom on toast was on site, with cheeseburger and  Pork hash we were ready to own this joint. The Cheeseburger had sweet potato on the side which was awesome! The Pork Hash was so nice and the Mushroom on toast was definitely the best I've ever had. Besides the fact that I wish the music was a little bit louder, this joint had a chilled vibe with a relaxed non-pretentious Ashfield-Canterbury people (just hungry people) 

One thing Id like to point out was that I wish the music was a little bit louder :) 

Here's a picture, a keep sake. See you there !! x 

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