Sunday, November 7

A box of good goodies!

T2 has been a pit stop I usually make when I just want to escape the world's insanity. It feels great being in a place filled with all these aromatic teas that is just made with the most exotic ingredients you can think of. It makes me feel like I'm traveling actually. On my first visit, I thought this gift set was fantastic. I mean you get to taste the best seller tea mixes! Then one glimpse at the price and I've placed it back down before I could even divide that price into the little bits inside it.

However, yesterday on a friends birthday, me and this beauty were brought together, as if by faith. And I think it's fantastic. For the same reason as before, you get to have a little taste of all the best selling teas they have. You will never get bored because there's always something different to try! They come in nine and sixteen packs. Although I'm still abit iffy with the price, I think it's definitely working to its monetary value! Around $50 something for the nine pack and $80 for the sixteen, but it's great. I mean for a gift, I think it's fantastic!

Anyway, I just thought I'd share, since Christmas is very close at hand. it will be a great present to get your green tea addicted girlfriend, your most awesome mum and grandma, or simply for that little living organic hippie in us. I hope you enjoy it.

What do you think?

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