Monday, November 8

the pros of studying

Most of you will beg to differ. There are no pros in studying! Some will say, 'great work comes from pain, love and suffering' and that everything will be worth it at the end. I'm going for both. At times like this, what we choose to pursue as a career seem so far away... unattainable. There are instances where you want to give up, but we shouldn't. Take a step back, breathe and relax but never stop. And know concretely that, if there is anything 'right' you are doing it's this.
Basically, do what you want.

On going to a very different tangent, my purpose is to share you this phrase from my professor. In my eventful cramming study sessions weeks before the exam, it's always so rewarding when you're professor says something awesome. At that moment, everything everyone's been talking about the whole semester, JUST MADE SENSE.

A semester of physiology, basically revolved around reward, values, choices and habits. Here it is:

"Choice hurts... that is the anterior cingulate kicking off desperately working out what it should be doing... It's not really good for you. It's just a painful process. It requires a lot of energy to continually make choices." - Killcross, A. S. 2010

Now we can go on and on about the bad choices we've made in our life. And a list will (hopefully) be longer for our good choices. But really, do you like having to make choices? Do you love everything about it, some of it? Does having no choice mean you lose a sense of freedom? If so, is it then that freedom is the need to make a choice? Did choice come first or freedom? Think about it

love, CrazyA

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