Monday, June 21

The past four days have been a complete brain loading period. Nonetheless, I must admit that although my love lies in the psycho-biology of memory and motivation, studying for social psychology have really made me appreciate the field. I've absorbed a semester's worth of content just today- affiliation, relationships, aggression, self control, attitude change, prosocial behaviour...oh gosh, I just died.

Having said that, no matter how much you love doing something, there's always time to take a break and enjoy the company of others, in this case, company of food and green tea. But as I was in this cathartic break, I did the unthinkable - youtube. And interestingly, the New York Times' youtube channel is insanely awesome! I basically spent 30 minutes listening to this cleverly directed interviews. And then I found myself in the Harvard University website inquiring about Psychology and exchange opportunities. Five minutes later, I realised I was being silly. Anyway, the main point of that was coming across this awesome image. 
I'm no architect. in fact, no where close to it. But this model made me smile. Suddenly, my exams this week seem a little lighter. 

So, thank you psychology and architecture. Somehow, you make me smile.


Bianca-San said...

That's a wonderful model! you should really credit the author! is it one of sean's?

michelle. said...

author? I mentioned it was from the Harvard university website didn't I?