Tuesday, June 22

one image at a time

In life, were granted with many amazing things. The most awesome ones are those who inspire us with their talent those who make you feel better in the midst of chaos. There are also those cool ones who's conversations with are exciting and therapeutic at the same time.

Recently, I've been really keen on stop motion. I find it rather interesting how hundreds of images taken continuously at intervals can create an almost flowing yet ever strong feeling within you. Match this up with dope music (also amazes me how no music keep you holding on to that very last scene), and you have a smile on your face. Here are some works of some of Sydney's unknown yet fantastic talent.

Sarrah Mae D.S.

John Sison @ http://sonyalphamale.blogspot.com/

Pouwel Wind

Well done guys, f awesome.

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rox said...

I agree. Cool.