Friday, June 25

normal people avoid alleyways

My holidays did not start the day after my last exam.

Besides the excitement of the semester's last exam being my favourite subject I started messaging everyone attempting to make plans. But really, it was stupid for me to have expected a prompt answer - damn, Filipinos. Anyway, so there I was panicking about my soon to be unproductive day, disappointment at the world cup and crazy about the exam. Then I decided to just let it go, what ever happens today I'll do it. And it ended up better than I thought.

Laksa with some of the most awesome people I've gotten to know in psychobiology, better yet, I even got to have pho with the wild thing. After that, the usual Max Brenner with wil. Here is where things started to take an awesome turn. Purely impulsive in nature, we ended up in the Summit Restaurant, enjoying their earl gray tea and Italian chorrizos. Walking to the rocks has never been this hilarious - finding an awesome alley way, doing the crazy gay run while the red man was on, getting to see some kind of museum about the heritage of The Rocks and the affirmation that some freaky houses and art shops exists in this area. We then headed to Parramatta, but ended up in Mascot.

The night ended, with the 3rd story about toys.

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