Friday, November 6

a friend of mine once told me

some things are just are.

For an analytic, melodramatic person, I find it quite hard to accept something as real as this. I guess it's because I can't accept that some things just have no meaning behind it. It's funny because I smirk at these amazingly intelligent people for thriving to find answers about insane stuff like 'is there life on Mars?', 'what can a vortex do?', I find it silly that psychologists are pulling their hairs out to find the perfect test or scale to predict or measure such a complex construct like, emotion. The completely tedious process of trying to understand and prove the theory of natural selection. The long and hard hours of figuring out the cause of uncontrolled cell mutations. And I find it silly how architects implicitly batter each other for the best construction. What if somethings are just are? There's global warming because the Earth changes just as how we age - we age because we age - simple.

A friend also told me once that, when an alien comes to Earth and ask us, what have we uniquely done? I was told that we build.

That is definitely as amazing answer. We are predisposed to make something out of nothing. But I would like to add to that. What separates us from everything is our ability to introspect. We can reason. Yes, animals can learn and express emotion. Yes, they can form memories, but that's it. Perhaps, our ability to reason and introspect is what makes us able to formulate an answer to that question.

Have you ever had that feeling where all your thoughts just rush to you? They just move around your mind and you start blowing things out of proportion by creating meaning. You remember events, totally unrelated and make something out of that. Well see, this happens to me quite often. I've always been like this, I guess. It's just that now, the amount of information is just too damn much.

Oscar Wilde was right in saying that he had the simplest tastes. He was always satisfied with the best.

I guess we should find the mid point. we can't live life believing that it has no meaning. we also can't live it with rigid conventionality.

In my short response answer, I reiterated that having a few friends in which you have good social relationships are better than having many friends as acquaintances. Having said this, if you've grown too dependent on someone or something - go and get your independence chi back.

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