Tuesday, November 10

when we don't embody what we learn

It's funny how you understand so much about your subjects in the last few weeks of your exam. Also everything seem so easier after you do an exam. sigh. Getting that out of the way, I wanna share one of the most interesting knowledge I learned this year. Yes, I have the capacity to learn as well. Apparently, it's not healthy to be the extreme expressionist and the emotion bottle maker. The keeping-it-all-in and letting-it-all-out people were the ones who died earlier than those who relax. Point is, problems arise all the time. You can't run away from it or you can't just accept every problem. What you can do is, tackle a problem in a different light.

When I think of blowing things out of proportion, I remember this idiom my dad told me;

Don't trouble trouble until trouble troubles you

Finally, I would like to say that I have two exams on wed & thurs, still I'm on top of my oth, gossip girl and supernatural episodes. oh yea.

Cannot wait for the end of exams. hmm max brenner. but for now, this is what keeps me

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