Sunday, October 4


I just heard Taylor Swift is coming to town next year. Feb. Tickets go on sale OCT 15.
Can't believe I didn't go to the BEP concert
Would like to live in George Street, Paddington
wow. what a week!
First of all, it's a new month and my mood was definitely not a desired mood to start the month. So hopefully it doesn't reflect what my month will be. Another thing that was unusual this week is the fact that I haven't blogged in a very very very long while. It might've been assignments but it's not really like I allocated so much effort on the cognition assignment. So Im guessing its not it. Hmm, i don't know maybe I was just not in the mood. And because my emotions this week have been primarily filled with aggression, annoyance, hate and I've just simply been P'd of at a particular thing. But I won't dwell on it anymore, because it just sucks the life out of you. Having said that, I have been controlling my temper for the past few days. I have actually been sober (from aggression) for 2days. omg. yep that is definitely a GREAT thing.

From this moment, I'm just focusing on happy thoughts, and when people annoy me - I've devised a (many) plan(s) to calm me down. I've been so tired and bogged down this week because I've developed this hate for something that I don't even know that well. I realised that I've been hating it for wrong reasons: because of friends, assumptions, paranoia and jealousy. Ohwell, it has to start somewhere right. (coming back to track) Then I realised, this is just not on. This is not me. I've been saying I'm indifferent to it, but the truth is, I do hate it. And I think this hate is not for the right reasons, so for now, I will anticipate. And hopefully one day, I wouldn't mind it too much or the simple satisfaction of indifference would be good. At least this time, it's for the right and rational reason. For now, it's time for me to take the back seat, shut up, switch on my ipod, and listen to Tegan and Sara.

Speaking of Tegan and Sara, they are amazing.
I felt you in my legs
Before I even met you
And when I layed beside you
For the first time I told you
I feel you in my heart,
And I don't even know you
Now we're saying
Bye, bye, bye
Now we're saying
Bye, bye, bye
I was nineteen

Despite all these shinanigans this week and the dynamic mood swings I've been exhibiting I find my friends fascinating. They are just great. I love how one of my friends look at someone while really talking to someone else. I love how I share Dexter-like stories with 'some' of them. I am amazed at how supportive best friends can be (sorry for bailing on you @ the bookshop, I just had to do it). Another thing I find glorious to see was people's shift in personality and mood when they are in the presence of someone they like. I also like how closest of friends have some kind of mental subconscious communication thing going on.

I also love the fact that my very best friend is my boyfriend.


p.s. On top of the fact that Cheap Monday jeans should be worn out and not washed for long periods of time. It's also something you buy with ME! roooaaar (transformers roar)!!!!


rocks&sand. said...

I'm really liking this

I'm so excited for taylor swift! Care to accompany me? ;) That would be cool.

BTW I plan to spend all my moolah with YOU when we finally have the courage to go on a jimmy choo & alexander wang shopping extravaganza(transformers squeal). A little tiffany and co. won't be a bad idea for u either *wink wink* lol

You're awesome.

Unknown said...

stay awesome michelle!

PS. am i the friend who looks at someone while really talking to someone else?

i keep thinking it's me... but i cant remember if i am the one who started that or not...

Justin.evitable said...

NOO! michy you cant focus on happy thoughts! how else am i supposed to get you to say the BIG 5!?

but still its good to see that your "trying" to stress less ahahaha

LOL "Dexter-like stories" umm remind me not to mess with you and your family for fear of you going vigilante..and YES i do notice those crazy eyes of yours when you think Dexter...

do we share mental communication like HEREOS? shotgun mind reader guy!

brooke. said...

arish: yes it's you.

justin: dont worry one day the big 5 will come out. one day too I will be Dexter.


Rox: I will hold you up for that alright.