Tuesday, September 29

tackling everything at once

unknotting a knot at a time makes the unknotting process easier, faster and more efficient. So unknot a problem one at a time - don't rush.
wow. when i though last week was insane, I definitely didn't take this week into account. sigh. (for some odd reason, my keyboard is acting slightly spastic!) But yes. I have an assignment due tomorrow and I've just started a few hours ago. I even had to cancel work, miss my lecture and decline my routine lunch with some lovely people! ahhh what a day. it basically sucked. I spent it doing my assignment, messaging R, finding people to cover my shift, facebooked and watched tv shows. hahaha i might actually be close to getting capped! ohwell

Dexter is back! Yes. oh its been so long! I like the spin they've put on it. It's no longer just about Dexter and his habit of killing bad people, its no longer just about preventing to get caught cause of prison of a death sentence. He now has to self conscious and be really careful cause he has a child:) Soo cute! haha. But yea. Its the just the first episode so nothing is explicitly revealed yet. But I'm happy.

I had both a fantastic and challenging weekend.

Just for the record, I guess the reason why i get angry/annoyed alot is because I just care about everything too much. And like what the saying goes, everything too little and too much is bad. So I have no problem in caring but it's the excess of it that I need to work on. So yes. Another note that I wanna say, is that, when a couple go through things, it's always a matter of compromise. I mean, one can't expect another to just change, because that's who they are... Solution is to meet in the middle. Do I get some nods? or head shakes?

I'm quite excited for Paolo Nutini. The whole wrecking the tickets has completely passed my mind. I actually though I misplaced the tickets somewhere for a second. As expected, I immediately panicked. haha. But all is safe=D

Oh Adele, Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, James Morrison and Gavin DeGraw, come to Australia and see me please.


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