Wednesday, October 7

brown leather jackets

food for thought: I have no clue as to why we have been wearing almost the same things for the past few days.
Before I go off to read about my pre-lab quiz tomorrow or head to bed, I just want to say a few things.

First up, there's the whole 'everything happens for a reason' business. Either you take in the philosophy of it, or deny it. You don't keep mentioning it wherever and whenever otherwise, it just becomes superfluous.

And this brings me to my next point,
The issue with infatuation and love. Now everyone who loves chocolate and coffee as much as I do have had the feeling of being involved and head over heels for someone. It's an amazing feeling and we end up looking for it with intense hunger. What I want to point out is that, when this feeling overcomes us we end up having such a narrow point of view - feeling & person this feeling is associated with. And when things don't work out right, we might have to wait and wait and wait. The thing is, it's when we look so far ahead that we look past the events taking place right and ignore the people surrounding us that very moment. We get so preoccupied with our goal to acquire the intense feeling of attachment to a particular someone that we are willing to blindly and patiently wait. But the thing is, certain events only happen once. If you miss it, it's gone. And alot of people will argue with me and say such things like:
'patience is a virtue'
'good things come to those who wait'
and the superfluous, 'everything happens for a reason'. But until when do we wait for the bus to come. And this this brings me to a very very very old email from one of my closest friends that I've kept for many many years:

You know, love is just like someone waiting for
bus. When the bus comes,
you look at it and you say to
yourself "
full...cannot sit down,
I'll wait for the next one."

So you let that bus go and wait for the second
bus. Then the second bus
comes, you look at it and you say, "eeee...this
bus is so
shabby!" So you let that bus go and again,
to wait for the next bus.

After a while another bus comes, it's not
crowded, not old but you say,
"eeee... not air-conditioned ...better wait for
the next one."

So again you let the bus go and decide to wait
for the next bus. Then the
sky starts to get dark as it is getting late.
panic and jump
immediately inside the next bus. It is not until
much later that you found
out that you had boarded the wrong bus!

So you wasted your time and money waiting for
what you wanted! Even if an
air-conditioned bus comes, you can't ensure that
the air-conditioned bus
won't break down or whether or not the
airconditioner will be too cold for you.

So people... wanting to get what you want is not
wrong. But it wouldn't
hurt to give other people a chance, right? If
find that the "bus"
doesn't suit you, just press the red button and
get off the bus (as simple
as that).

Hey who said life is fair??? The best thing to
is be observant and open
while you scrutinize the bus. If it doesn't suit
you, get off. But you
must always have an extra something which you
could use for the next bus
that comes.

But wait... I'm sure you've had this experience
before. You saw a bus
coming (the bus you want, of course), you
it but the driver acted
as if he did not see you and zoomed past you! It
just wasn't meant for you!

The bottom line is, being loved is like waiting
for a bus you
want. Getting on the bus and appreciating the
by giving it a chance
depends totally on you. If you haven't made a
choice, WALK! Walking is
like being out of love. The good side of it is
you can still choose any
bus you want... the rest who couldn't afford
another ride would just have
to be content with the bus they rode on.

One more thing.... sometimes it's better to
choose a bus you are already
familiar with rather than gamble with a bus that
is unfamiliar to you. But
then again, life wouldn't be complete without
risks involved.

But there's one bus that I forgot to tell you
about - the bus that you
don't have to wait for. It will just stop on its
own and will ask you to
come inside and take a free ride for the rest of
your life.

You Never Lose By Loving
You Always Lose By Holdin back.

That might've been a long read but it's definitely worth it=D
I'm not saying this because I like to play the cupid and hook up people, or I like to be the tyrant who wants to dominate everything. The thing is, it hurts me to see my friends hurt. Last thing I want to say is that I care. And as long as you know what you're doing, then it's definitely fine by me.

Best thing this week is the relief and relaxed feeling. I can't believe I lasted nearly a week of not getting angry at my turtle. It's insane because that rarely happens. I've managed to eliminate negative feelings and when I start dwelling, I revert. sigh. For the record, caffeine helps a great deal. And also the fact that you have lovely friend who will have your back when you decide to 'bash' someone - with hugs and kisses of course. haha.

Another important thing in life is that, you don't need to physically abuse someone to hurt them, you don't even need to swear. All you need is a 'contempt/ disgust' facial expression and your whole extension 2 vocabulary with you. BAM! Atomic Bomb, baby.

gn lovely souls

p.s. I maybe in positive mood lately, but that doesn't mean I should stop my assassination plots=D bwhahahahahhahahaha

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