Sunday, October 11

road not taken

they say random is good. I've been told to be the river, go with the flow, don't prepare a path, and be the tortoise. But is this really the way to live.

I mean without a set destination and a prepared path to take, then how will you able to monitor and meet your standards. Having said that, I think it's also stupid to have a concrete and conventional travel map to take with you wherever you go, because this eliminates the sense of adventure and you miss out on the special and awesome stuff that almost always happens unexpectedly. So I think the point of this is to me in the middle. You can't be in a voyage without a destination. You can't also rigidly take the planned path always because nothing is ever the same. You may decide to take route 1 on a certain day because the weather forecast is great. Then on the actual day, route 1 is no longer an option because of a storm. So here, you diverged from your plans and decide on something else. The thing is, not every change is a 'storm'. It's the ability to meander through problems and have an openness to experience at the same time being conscientious is what makes us get so much from life.

Overall, be flexible. Helps you in life and also in bed;)

On a much lighter note, because as much as it looks like I love being serious and stressed, I don't. Maybe I used to love arguments, but for some reason, it tires me now. Like I get exhausted. So I'm trying to take up a new leaf. It's a working process and it's been hard, especially when you have people believing in you and at the same time not believing as well. haha but it's all good. I guess it's pretty hard to shake of the idea of a nice, non-critical, and rational michelle. Anyway, this photo here is my long lost year 6 photo. I don't think I bought it, but one of my friends put it up and now yes it's open for everyone to see.

10 points for someone to spot me in less than 5 seconds and laugh for the next 61 seconds.

p.s. i still have no idea how a beaver can clog a river by building a damn.
p.p.s. next episode: I don't really like the taste of Afghans


A R I S H said...

i seee you!!!!!

rox.y said...

awww right in the middle! Score!

You looked adorable! hahaha!

p.s. i've found google to be an excellent resource when finding out random stuff such as the beaver. bwaahhaa.

and why 'bye bye' to 'night time shananigans after nov 10?' Are you disappearing off to a far away land I am yet to know about?

I hope not.

mrs said...

awww no.. its just that my dads operation and all,i wont be able to be driven and home sooo i gotta calm down on the night time dinners and other business.

i could still do taxis though. but yes. gotta cut down on expenditure, if we want to pursue our shopping extravaganza!

ill see you bukas!

A R I S H said...

"road not taken"

reminds me of English advance all over again...
just realised...
because i been wondering where i saw that title before...