Friday, October 23

looking forward

to tougher challenges with you

today was my last day of 2nd year psychology and it was an amazing day except for the fact that it was abit of an anti-climax. I've also had a taste of one of my philosophies that everything happens for a reason. I didn't really ace my OW essay but I'm not bummed because there are more things in life that is worth throwing yourself off your chair for.

I also want to say that, tonight will be a hard one.
its a good thing I'm sleepy.

goodluck with me for COFA.

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rocks&sand. said...

How quickly has this year of uni gone by?!?! It seems like only yesterday that we had no idea of each other's existence. lol.

And I finally got over personality and checked my mark. Got minus one off yours. I wasn't really expecting much from it so mehhhh.

Ok gotta stop before I write an essay.

Hope your COFA assignment went well my dear. Talk to you soonies!