Sunday, October 25

some insane stuff i found while rummaging through facebook photos

some awesome 09 shots
cousins. yep, first cousins
some photos from a very long time ago (07-08)my year 12 graduationsigh. LOL
s club APHS, baby
los marimachos bonitas!
we're filipinos. we go to the apple store to take webcam photos,
'beecos wi don't want two waste da electricity at home'
my oldest friends
and this is what happens when I'm with them
so glad we've stayed consistent and strong

simply amazing. its the time of the year when you feel like reminiscing. yes. I would like to conclude by saying:
happiness is not about having everything you want. Its by being satisfied and grateful for what you have

goodluck with exams people! I'll see you on the other end!

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