Monday, October 26

food for thought

before making decisions, you have to weigh out the pros and cons and be on a proper state of mind to proceed.

Before you initiate something, you have to be clear on where you want it to head and be ready to face the rip. and before you end something, you have to realise what you are about to finish.

Inhibition is always harder than impulsion.

Cherish what you have. Like what my friend came up with, today is tomorrow's yesterday. So seize the moment. Fight, kiss, play games, dance, chat, eat, facebook, have sex, dream, hug, be with friends, shout, sleep, blog, laugh, poo, run, kill (bwhahah) do what you want. No one really cares.

But for now, we just have to inhibit ourselves.
Focus on the tasks ahead: EXAMS (sigh. eff)

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