Saturday, September 12

time waits for no one

I'm writing an entry now so that I don't get tempted do write one tomorrow. Since I've been going through my uni work at such a slow pace, not because I have so much other stuff to do, but because I just love procrastinating, I have to make up for it by taking all the time I can from tomorrow, that means waking up slightly early. Leave from Lucy's dinner a tad bit early. And get as much work for design done on sunday with my baby. There you go, my weekend is gone. Just like that.

Going off on a tangent here but I realised that we get over things so quickly. We innately move on. And this applies to all aspects of life, for example in fashion, no matter how unfashionable or on-trend you are, we just seem to move on with time. When you were thirteen and the influx of phone models came, some went with it, some still goes with it, and others just can't catch up. Amazing thing is, no one really is disadvantaged. But when you stop caring about stuff like this and one day it comes back to you, instead of regret, you feel a sense of happiness. Because you are written to do this. You are meant to love it. You are destined to live it.

I'm particularly sad that I'm not singing and dancing in front of an audience nowadays. I loved it. and maybe one day, when I find myself a pianist who can play brilliantly by ears and music (since I've given up on trying to learn it) then we can talk again. Maybe one day when time decides to be kind as to not give us deadlines, work, and uni that we can choreograph a dance together.

The day when I see pride in your eyes as I do three pirouettes and joy in my eyes as you gracefully lift me across the room. One day, baby.

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rocks&sand. said...

Procrastination = love/hate relationship ;)

Awww I would love see you sing AND dance at the same time. The library lawn would be a great practice spot. You can serenade cha-s-s-.....
bwahhahahaa ;)