Wednesday, September 9

love, money, fashion, chocolate

are four of the few of my favourite things. Oh my! I'm actually blogging. I have no idea why I am in a very very bludgy mode at the moment but I think it's because of the 6dvds I've borrowed at the video store today. Now, I start uni on monday, two assignments to be at least 70% done by then two books to read by the end of this month, two biographies to read by the end of the week and finally 6 dvds to finish by next wednesday. So I am definitely elated!

To account for my birthday yesterday, it was fantastic!

Ten minutes ago I finished this movie called '27 Dresses' and it was amazing. I havn't watched dvds in so long and I forgot how great it feels like just to sit there and watch. Especially after having dinner, you're full and you forget about the fact that you have 50 projects due in the next few weeks. But it's fine. In that hour and a half, you are living another person's imagination and being in the story. It is a chick flick so I recommend it for slumber parties. Not one of the favourite movies, but overall, it was great.

Sucks that Kyle is suspended from radio. I think he is funny and amazing. It's abit silly because ALL comedians say inappropriate things that is hands down funny. But they don't get suspended. sigh and as if you didn't expect that, you know. well on the topic of radio, you know whenever they do that 'call us and request any song you want to here' shinanigans, have you ever wondered what happens if the song being requested was unavailable. I don't know the answer. Who does?

another point i also want to make. For those who knows me quite well realise that i complain alot. And even more so if you are my family, my boyfriend, and my bestfriend. But I think I do it because I care. I mean I love you for who you are, but my complaints are mainly a suggestion that I can love you more:) hehehe. joking ♥

goodnight my elf.

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