Monday, September 14

mix. hybrid. cocktail.

dear diary,
mixed drinks consumption for monday 4pm- 8pm:
lemon-lime vodka, long island iced tea, vodka lemon lime and bitters, sex on the beach, toblerone, midori sour, lotus chill (or something). This list ranges from fully drunk to just a tiny sip- But you're missing the point. It's Monique's birthday! So after an awesome time at the uni-bar with great and not so great costumed random people, we headed to Newtown. Here, I would like to publicly announce that I definitely got my cherry popped at Kuletos. Speaking of the devil, Kuletos is by far one of the best bars I've been to. They specialise in cocktails. Everytime I got to a restaurant on a special occasion I tend to ask for the drinks menu. This ordeal has always been quite difficult for me due to the lack of variety of cocktail drinks. But this place, is especially for cocktails! They're menu is contained just of cocktails! and Happy Hour (and half) well its buy 1 get one free! what the fart? All I can say, is heaven! R lovely, I will bring you here. Downside to this is they don't serve food. I guess It wouldn't be wise since you will have a mixture of spirits down your throat and minced hot chips and wedges might not be a good sight when the cleaners come by to clean up the place. Not to worry, there are vast arrays of restaurants within a 100m radius catering for both the high rollers and the cheapos. So ho-bloody-ray.

Happy Birthday Monique. My alcohol consumption for today catered for both your birthday and mine's! And will definitely help me through a months indulgence on homework, lab work, assessments, presentations, debates, and kick ass pre-lab exams. Oh yeah.. I'm screwed. Note to self: For future cocktail discovery endeavors, try out the Slow Comfortable Screw

Some of you guys might think I'm still intoxicated, well I'll just have to leave that to your own interpretation

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We can doggybag wedges from unibar to compensate for their unfood-ness!

Ok off to assignment-ing I gooooooooooo!