Wednesday, September 16

the ability of reciprocate

If one is trying to be a critical person, I think it should just be fair that he/she should be ready to accept and deal with criticism from others as well. Like you can't just say that one's writing is boring because it's filled with fashion pictures/ items to purchase in the future and not expect a comment about yours. I mean, If you're allowed to comment I think I'm more than welcome to do the same, no hard feelings.

Also, today we had abit of 'incident' where a joke (taken abit too far) was misunderstood by listeners. Of course it didn't affect because, it just doesn't matter. Deal with it. I mean, if you are a person who continuously form opinionated comments about everything, I'm sure it's just fair that you cope abit of it from others.

Holding a rolled up 1mX1m cardboard while prancing about at the city is definitely not a 'sweet' view. Especially when it's almost as tall as you. sigh

Gossip girl S3 E1 came out yesterday and I viewed it today, and amazing. Although, One Tree Hill S7 E1 try it very best to create another spark, I'm afraid my assumption that it won't be as good without Lucas and Peyton was confirmed. However, my favorite character, Brooke is still in it, and some pretty interesting new character have emerged. And definitely interesting story lines are starting. So, cross fingers, it turns out to be a thrilling and awesome season for both.

Also, Supernatural is back. they are now on their season 4 and it's going good. Lucifer is out! and more sexy Sam and Dean coming your way, ladies.
It will definitely be hectic 2months

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