Thursday, September 17

today when the hobo war began

current mood/ rant:
'what the fart?! I received my first ever telephone bill statement from the 8/09 to the 12/09! Its not even a month yet? And there is a number to be paid! Did I go over? In three days I went past my cap? What with the whole optus $49 cap saying, $680 worth of credit!!! I dont get it!! garrrhhhh!!! Im going to explode!

And.... my 1mX1m poster is the maximum size! Its not even the desired size!! ahhhhh I wasted $9.70 to get it specially cut at eckersleys!!!!OMG!

*hold hand in a pointed fist beside temples and close eyes while thinking about The Alps*

Once upon a time, on a humid night of the seventeenth day of the ninth month of the year two- thousand and nine, a slightly post peak hour train had an extra baggage, three hobos- one female, and two males. Hobo 1, 2, and 3 were all intoxicated. But it's hobo 1 that's close to passing out. The other two were just quiet. Much can be inferred when Hobo 1 mumbled something offensive and Hobo 2 retaliated by cursing and she was telling him off for being jealous and that he should get over it. During this ordeal, Hobo 3 remained quiet. Hobo 1 slowly got up to check where he was and Hobo 2 replied in a friendly manner. The other non-hobo passengers were pleased. They thought that the Hobo war has ended. But, oh how wrong they were.

While Hobo 1 went back to sleep/hibernate, hobo 2 started rummaging through his back and got out a a VB beer. She gave the beer to Hobo 3. Hobo 1 noticed this and due to his intoxicated state, he found this slightly annoying and he screamed at her for touching his property. When reality finally struck him, that his last beer has been taken away from him and given to a useless peasant, he went insane and started cursing at Hobo 2. This is the time the climatic war began. F words were exchanged, the C word and the S word were repeated numerous times. Phrases like, 'Don't be such a baby' and 'Go hit me I dare yahhh. I double dare yahhh.' were only a few that were said by hobo 2. Hobo 1 just kept telling her for being a B and a dog for touching his property and getting his last beer. Hobo 2 replied by reminding Hobo 1 that he took her beer earlier in the afternoon, and she called Hobo 1 an alcoholic. During this ordeal, Hobo 3 remained still and quiet.

The end.

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