Saturday, September 19

don't be too melodramatic

I just want to say,
- failing comes nowhere near death.
- Focus is not achieved through stopping the world around you, it is achieved by mentally blocking everything around you.

Having said that, I find this whole addiction to facebook quite intriguing because it suggests human's vulnerability to distractions. And there is definitely no mystery in why people get addicted to drugs. Same principle, I guess. Speaking of drugs, what if, those who are easily distracted are those who are more susceptible to addiction. So instead of just focusing on how to keep the streets drug-free, and putting these drug dealers in jail. Why don't we foster self control? Why don't we teach people inhibition?

I have a massive day tomorrow. want to do a few hours done and ~10 journal articles to read +1 biography.

I'm going to make a list. Not an e-list, but a real life one! bwhahahha.

goodnight dwarves

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rocks&sand. said...


I've really thought about it like that before. Are people whose self control suck more vulnerable to taking an ecstasy pill or smoking pot?

Interesting point, and slightly disconcerting.

Hope today productive with your errr 10 journal articles?

please don't ignore me tomorrow bwahhaa. I might turn emo.