Saturday, September 19

garage sale

hello my friends
I'm broke and I have clothes that I don't wear after wearing once or twice and clothes that was never worn. Basically these fabrics just need new owners! Tight-ass owners, that is=P

I have more stuff that needs selling, including scarves and bags but I'm not bothered to put them up. So just let me know.

if you're interested in any of these, just comment below, leave your name and email and I'll get back to you.

I only accept bank deposit. And items will be given to you by appointment or; last resort, by post. that way, we can also catch up:)


Harem pant

Navy Jumper
Size 10

Black Bomber Jacket

Knitted short-sleeve cardigan in beige

Vintage polka-dot one piece
size 8

Ash one piece

Black with print overall
(not sure if you call it overall, actually. haha)
size: 8


Size: 10

Black and gold singlet top
Size: Small (~8)

Bat wing top

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