Sunday, August 9

to express one's feelings

For design, we have to choose a design that we come across everyday and in 300 words describe how it makes us feel. As expected, I chose something chocolate related=D

'The creator(s) of Max Brenner has created a chocolate culture that entrances everyone in it. Max Brenner chocolate has etched itself into my memory and lifestyle ever since the day I first had their world famous Belgian Waffles back in 2006. The Wynyard Max Brenner branch would be considered as one of their biggest franchise. Besides chocolate, I love this place because of the overall aura – lights, music, chairs and tables, and the layout of the shop. I see this banner on my way to dance classes, when running errands around the city, and when I visit my boyfriend. Just the sight of the banner reminds me of coffee, chocolate, love, and food – which are the most important aspects of my life.

Seeing the banner creates a whole series of electrical impulses in my mind: I feel a sense of happiness because I can suddenly taste melted milk chocolate. Then, my ear pounds, as I crave for jazz music in the midst of the busy city street. I get a sudden strike of fear and disappointment as I recall how much money I have left. I pull out my wallet and sigh with relief. As I walk towards it the impulses continue. I re-enact the meandering process of cutting up the waffles and dipping it into the warm melted chocolate. I walk in with a feeling of accomplishment, relief and happiness. I order two Belgian waffles with ice cream.

Whether it is a planned visit or an unexpected destination, either alone or with company – This is what the Max Brenner banner at Margaret Street, Wynyard makes me feel.

Uni again tomorrow. Thank gosh. This weekend was abit of a bore - no work. Because I am at home 24/7 for the past two days, I am FORCED to do homework. And I guess I should give myself a pat on the back for doing work yesterday, but I still have 4 chapters to "read" for Assessment which is quadruple boring! I can't wait for the perception and cognition books! ARGH! why don't I still have it! Come on!

Thats all for now. Im off to:
- Continue Psych
- Start Weeds
- Read my 'readings'
- Have lunch
- Read the cocktail book and form an alcohol wish/ shopping list
- Finish my design assignment

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