Monday, August 10

to believe

that something be expected of you if the is a lack of interest on your side is just beyond my understanding. With the Psychological Assessment textbook I have tried to read, I can not help but wishing that I have my Perception and Cognition Textbook. Because seriously its just plain boring. I didn't do my reading yesterday so, now the load goes up from 4 to 6 chapters worth. And since the Perception and Cognition book is out of stock, I'm running behind on the one as well. What the eff is all I can say. Basterd uni bookshop tells me they have my book as soon as I get home. Why?

A friend of mine said that the textbook I've been longing for is dead boring as well. So now I dont know. But honestly, I kinda don't care I want it now, because this whole Assessment thing is just TEDIOUS! I want to watch GI JOE! NOW!

just venting.

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