Friday, August 7

to be money deprived

speaking of deprivation,
I think I'm lacking so much stuff in my life. Not the stuff money can't buy - but when they said that "the most important thing in life are the stuff money can't buy" (or something that goes along those lines, obviously the person who made up the quote was on drugs. or was definitely not taking alot of thing into account. Firstly, not having something that money can buy, makes you feel awful. Really awful. On the other hand, not having anything money can't buy makes you feel realy really bad and nostalgic because it makes you feel like you can't have anything. Seriously, how can you get something money can not buy- if not by money. hmm if you're not getting the drift, no need to think about it.. cause it might have an adverse effect. And honestly, I dont really want that intangible guilt=D Lets just leave it as like those quotes that no one gets when they first hear/read it.. then when they think about it.... it has that " ahhh. i get it" effect or sometimes, it has that "that doesn't quite makes sense" response.. Either way, who cares.

Some of the classic encounters/ quotes/ sayings I've encountered this week were just uncountable but I think, I'd be doing it justice buy sharing it to anyone who cares and read this blog.
"When the extreme is changed (repeated 8x), hope is (created)! (repeated 7x)" A.E
"She's pretty and all but her face looks like a carpet of makeup is placed on top of it" MX

There was another one about freedom and escape that I've forgotten, so I'll definitely get back to you on that;)


p.s. I think med students should get a life and instead of good looking students asking for donations from students, who like themselves are broke and good looking. They should instead go to pubs and ask for $5 to drink up beer shots for every minute for an hour= Hopefully mess up their brains= resulting to them failing medicine=
Eventually, Australia will want more doctors= getting into it won't be as hard=Cooler doctors in the field!

eff yeah


Unknown said...

i am quoted!!! lol
where is our eat down dinner with our crew???
lets do it before we have assignments and stress takes over...


rocks&sand. said...

agreed :)
*the dinner bit* bwahaha

brooke. said...

alrighty next wednesday! Ive already pinned you guys down.. haha! Arish are you ok with that?!
Hurricanes again! COME ON! you guys didnt come with me tonight! ITS AWESOME!!.. hopefully when we go there.. My sexy waiter will still be there! wootwoot!! but yes.. everyone down for wednesday! (not a question)