Thursday, July 30

to wait with patience and intrigue

I'm on a shopping spree mode at the moment. I was about to purchase 2 tote bags from Jbrand BUT all these terms and condition regarding international purchases (taxes and services) are very confusing. So I just canceled everything! Man it would be nice to have them though. Damn it. Here are some picture of these awesome shixnits so you guys can enjoy them with me and love them as much as I do;)

Like I mentioned, I'm taking advantage of this bludge week because I have a feeling that a dangerous storm is ahead. Anyway, so I visited this old site and started creating some kind of image that can basically sum up an outfit. The Boat bookshelf is obviously not part of the outfit, I JUST WANT ONE. But yes. this is what I came up with. Inspired by the Paddington cafe bookstore
to read

Tomorrow, a close friend of mine turns 19. I think that's just awesome and is worth mentioning.


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