Friday, July 31

to be satisfied after a long period of anticipation

Friday. TGIF. Although a 9am start to the day is not the best way to end the week, the night ended fabulously. But before I get into details, the day was not all so bad. The first Genetics lecture was as fascinating as the lecturer being late to his first lecture of the semester because of the fact that his watch was at 11am (instead of 9:15). hmm... Interesting aye? I think so.

Roco and I hit the library to window shop, play typing mania, and research. Lunch with Sean and enjoyed the company of friends to close the day. Headed to townhall, met up with the birthday boy. Chilled at Starbucks. Headed o Ted's camera house, Dymocks stationary and Kinokuniya for some good old fashion chillout shopping.

After many many months without a cocktail ever touching the tips of my filiform papilaes, I ordered a margherita ($8.95 @ Pancakes on the Rocks! wtfart?!). Stuffed with alot of food and pancakes. We headed to the Lowenbrau. This is the highlight of the day/night. Lowenbrau is basically a European/German/Swiss, Pub/ Bar/ Restaurant. An amazing one to be specific. Lea and I took a good look at the place and its huge, and thats awesome! The band makes everything bloody fantastic!

And one last look at the place. After exchanging hugs with old and amazing friends (including the birthday boy), I decide that I will be back in here for sure. Whether it be to drown grades sorrows, celebrate a birthday, anticipate for an upcoming assignment, or to celebrate the company of good friends after uni. I will be back

Here are some pictures of the place. But for more info head to these sites:
lowenbrau keller



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