Wednesday, July 29

to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation

Uni started and as expected, the first week is normally "the bludge" week. I am definitely taking advantage of that because I know that when week two strikes its wand, I'm basically doomed. I need alot of marks to maintain my spot in my course otherwise, Ill just have to end up.... dead.

This semester, in addition to a hefty amount of soul searching for me, I plan to delve into Oscar Wilde's wildest thoughts. I started yesterday- realised how unattractive he is. Continued with research this morning- and discovered how much of a sweet talker he is. Aww the passion!

It takes talent to write. Even more talent to write a book. I can only imagine how great your talent should be to be able to write and appealing and exciting book. And although J.K. Rowling is a children's author she's one gun biatch. Her writing are pretty awesome. I know this is old news but believe it or not, I'm fairly noob to this Rowling hype. So deal with it. Now i finally understand whats the big deal=) Wonder if she'd written other books. hmm

As my birthday is drawing to a close, sure its still more than a month away, Im excited. Its only once that a girl turns 20. That a person finishes an era, the "teen"era you might say. So, since I have been on a roll creating random stuff (lastnight, I astonishingly made a fantastic blend of a similar type of what is commonly known as 'chai-latte' but with an awesome kick- punch- stab effect. I call it..... I call it.... not sure yet) I've invented a birthday wish list. The link can be found on the right hand side of the screen, which it will bring you to a different page comprising of the wish list! woohoo! haha. So fun! I created it for two purposes: serves as a birthday wish list AND a convenient shopping list=D

amazing rings:

Im off to try and pass design
I bid you farewell


fhi said...

ooooh is that the ballerina ring you were telling me about?! i think i would love one for myself too! except i'd want mine a tad bigger! haha
*looks through wishlist* my golly those rings aren't cheap but must be worth it!
there should be a checkbox next to each of those items so they don't double up..but who wouldn't love that? haha

Anonymous said...

hahaha babe! I know. sean was telling me about the check box thing and I thought this was it! haha..I think its pretty big babe! cause you know the lady I was telling you about, that I saw wearing this ring and the elephant one, WELL i THINK this was it! the exact same thing. cause their from the same designer! haha.. soooo that ballerina ring is HUGE! it'll definitely suit you darling! dont worry IF i get it, ill show you=P