Tuesday, April 21

gotta love it

"I may not have a brain, but I have an idea!"
- Bob
I love this. Not really a full on young young kids movie. Today i had the unfortunate luck of sitting next to a mother and her child. During a certain sad scene, this kids started crying! A character just looked sad and he started crying. what a nut job! Today is like april fools. I got poo-ed on and this dum*as lady just looked at me wierdly when i was trying to look for the shat on my hair.. she couldve at least told me where it is. arggh! BUT anyway, THIS movie is pretty funny. didnt top my all time favourite MADAGASCAR, maybe cause there was not enough funny comments or i think the story was abit shallow - too simple - compared to Madagascar. aww man. I watch the movie a few times a day every weekends and I never get sick of it.
Well thats all for now, Im seriously fart. Im meant to be doing a 1300words report and Im finding every possible way to waste time! i have no idea why! i KNOW id be screwed! ITS due thursday! ahh im dead! lets do abit now actually! *yawns..
im sleepy. we'll see!

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