Saturday, April 18

get thrashed

New Jbrand thrasher jeans

this news definitely got me excited. the dilemma now is whether these jeans is worth the ~AU$285, are these available in australia yet and if these jeans will actually suite me. hmm.interesting.

After the much anticipated and long awaited end of easter holidays, I am without a doubt over uni and its assessments. Ive only had two so far and im already tired, not a good sign! but seriously, i need OTH, Supernatural and GG back in my life. Im even 2 episodes behind Heroes and 3 episodes behind Lie to me. COME ON!

but now that 2081 is completed, i am closer to the light...
darn you, 2061, darn you!

=0 ive even postponed my reading habits. id have to read Time traveller's wife all over again. Its really confusing though. sigh. i just hope it doesn't disappoint!

anyway! thats all for now! sucks that I cant show you pictures from my anatomy lab, it would've been a great read.! but to make up for it, ill try to post up an anatomy class blog=D mainly because its interesting and alright also because I need to exercise what i know - definitely not alot - to practise for the spot test in two weeks!


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Anonymous said...

hello darls. the jeans are pretty! but i suggest grey instead of light blue... (just like VB's ones). light blue is just so common, but if thats what you prefer then good for you :)

lets go out soon. i miss you and sangria! X