Thursday, December 18

time and the speed of light

its been so so hot lately that its no wonder that we are driven to all kinds of thought. I mean today, I was actually planning to go liverpool, thats a 1 and half travel to the south west in this very hot day after a long day at work and a long indian night yesterday and lastnight. So.. i decided to stay home and be bored=D and this is my story.

I want a work christmas party. Retail is so gay cause no one else is bothered to do anything as everyone is driven by sales targets. COME ON, who cares if no one wants to buy towels. BUT i finally have access to my payslips which is such a relief. I have been waiting for this but the wiat was useless cause all i had to do was call up some people. sigh*

had a Bondi beach day and dinner night:D,
WENT shopping,
celebrated Michelle's 19th Birthday,
did More Shopping AND will be shopping abit more tomorrow,
are with eachother

life is great:D
this is not the final 2008 entry, the whole time flash is yet to come!


p.s. I hope you like your subjects:) Ill see you soon. I love You

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