Monday, December 8


I have never really understood the whole Harry Potter and Star wars hype that have rained and flooded the world for the past few years...UNTIL NOW, with the Twilight hype. Not to say that I love twilight that i can relate to the harry potter fans, its actually the contrary.The fact that these people are so head over heals towards this wierd, chick flick, cinematographic wretch of a film makes me realise that Harry Potter is a million times better. And hell, i will watch the whole Star Wars series just to turn these Edward Cullen dreamers into stone. Let me make myself clear, the book wasn't all that bad. For writings sake, it was written well and infact pretty great and i actually give it 8/10 but when we look at the story, it barely makes me smile because it is sooo cliché that it is not even worth looking at it again, let alone making it into a movie. Then again, novels are written for a certain audience and maybe twilight is for those amateur minds and those thrill seeking cliché loving farts who just cant be bothered to read a good book but wants to be in with society, and for that it scales above 10/10. So hats off to the marketing of twilight. It still sucks. If i didnt like the books story but respects its writting style, i dont think the movie will make it anymore interesting. Come on, it will have the same lame storyline plus the crap cinematography. having said this, I shall still be waiting for the DVD release and will keep an open mind until proven right or wrong=D

This whole week have been insanely busy.
The adventures from Friday to Monday: Home-Auburn-
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Theres no wonder my varicose veins are coming up! Noooooo


the days i dont see you, i can't stop longing for the next day because of the hope that I might see you the next time my eyes open. Lastnight just before i slept, i knew that I would see you today, so, I was planning on how to give you the very best warm awesome and loving hug. And hopefully, I succeeded.

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