Monday, December 22

sad songs for dirty lovers

a manner of speaking::
this week have beeeeen a rrooooler coaster ride for everyone. I think i will get fired soon, because there are so much dodgy customers in retail and if you add dodgy companies, it just goes chaotic!

theres nothing much to say, but alot of pictures to be put up but it wont be NOW! haha.

for tonight, all i will say is that,
the best things about the new year is a fresh start. SO bury everything that pissed you off this year. CLOSE the gaps forgotten. Be friendly to everyone. SOLVE ARE FINISH your problems. Because if you start the year with something LACKING, youre whole year will be filled with unsolved issues.

To prevent future strife, close the door behind you as you leave 2008 because there is a new door about to be opened.

adios muchachos!

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