Thursday, November 13

responsibilities not obligations, ego<=>pride

dinner with my lovelies tonight was amazing. there were talks, laughs, care, jokes, truth, anger, bliss, joy, richness, pride, determination, and beauty in everyone's faces. Its just great. I have not seen these girls and my newly met boy friends for such a lonng long time! tomorrow, were off to see the cheap wizard of oz:) and I cannot wait. day off saturday, and its only a matter of time that i will miss having time for things other than work. Work is great but, you know if you have a whack job manager telling you 50billion messages all at once, WHO cant even give you access to payslips, then you start getting sick of it=)

my tv series life have been overwhelming to a point that i have turned into a total hermit, you know not getting out of the rom unless im hungry or that my bladder needs to recoil. But you know, I think i am just waiting for my impeding FAILS or JUST passes for uni! and when that happens, im dead as bro!...

burwood today, just reminded me how much I hate SUPRÉ. it is the worst shop in the world and the accent on the 'e' doesn't make it any better. alright thats all for now!but before i leave, ill give you guys soemthing of a keep sake, fashion design is a great career. i think if i was more practical and less theoretically conventional id be a designer, fashion designer to be exact=)

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