Friday, November 14

once when i was little

I was the one, Who would always Jump in first Didn't think twice To look behind Got such a good feeling, Just from playing In the dirt Once, When I was little
We could build a rocket, Fly to the moon Leave Tuesday morning, And be back for noon There wasn't nothing, Nothing that we couldn't do Once, when I was little umm Once, when I was little

Yeah I could dream more then
Yeah I believed more then That the world Could only get better Yeah I was free more then I could pretend more then That this life could Only show me good times Once, when I was little

There was a time
When I trusted everyone Yes I did There was no place That I would not go oh no Spend a day on the hillside Next to the holly mo Oh once, when I was little Yea once, when I, I was little

Used to feel so strong
Even when they tell me, Tell me I was wrong That I can't live In a magic world Cause it's time For me to grow up That I got to be Like the rest of them When I know There acting up ohh
So here comes the next one,
The next in line Stay as young you can, For the longest time Cause those days flew by Like a breeze Just passing through Once, when I was little
-james morrison

never thought a trek to the east side on a very hot spring day with just one person will be amazing. Cheap Monday is an awesome shop, I think the best part of it, is its "underground-ness" (im assuming it is, of course). Bondi Junction is an awesome place. Kensington kicks ass, and UNSW is the best. Anyway, i like real estate catalogues because of the fact that it brings you back to reality. The reality that you can never afford the houses IN it:) I just found out that the unit i wanted which is conveniently placed near SDC is worth a few millions=( 3 times maybe. Anyway so there goes the dream.

To be more specific as to why bondi junction is an awesome place, is because of SHOPS! Sportsgirl Bondi has the maddest selections of sale items (better than chatswood at least).Theres KikkiK, eckersleys, the eastern, general pants, smiggle, food, cinemas, and others all at the same location:) Its just awesome. I cant explain the thrill.

Chilling out at Gloria Jeans, is always a cool choice. whenever i see little kids, i think about the things that goes on through their head. Then at home i heard the Once when i was little song by James morrison (lyrics above) which is just brilliant. kids are great because of their innocence. it doesn't remain for long, because they become tainted by environment. Not saying this is bad, i mean, we are what our biology tells us as well as what the environment tells us to be. One cannot say that one if not affected by society. We are all a product of society. But its those few who questions nearly everything that find themselves self actualised at the end, and of course also, mentally defected at the end:)

overall, a very pleasant day:)

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