Tuesday, November 11

to be good is to be in harmony with one's self.

this time last year, i would be burning my eyes with endless dvds till the break of dawn. BUT like everything else, routine changes.this year, there is more to take into account:
- catching up to sleep deprivation during uni hours
- taking advantage of off peak hours
- work
- & playtime
- oth, gg, dexter and heroes baby
- cotton on
- sean
- food
life now is simple. just watching, eating, out, love, family, work and money. I also want to reiterate that i am still mad me not being able to attend howie day's visit to annandale hotel. VERY mad indeed. I am yearning for dinners and lunches at restaurants i am yet to be baptised! I need new shoes!

I think dance is great! theres so much energy an passsion in it. I could go on deeper and meaningful with this one BUT i am afraid carly made me unable to type efficiently and productively at the moment!

so i bid you goodnight!

p.s. dont you just love the sexy layout!
I love my web designer for life. He is the most talented person I know and shall love forever and a day!

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