Thursday, November 20

clothing line

once upon an autumn afternoon, we made a pact.
a permanent promise to both lay our hearts on this line.
on many occasions i have been shaking the rope
for no valid and understandable reason,
and you stayed. and stayed.
it took me many days of sunshine and rain
and countless nights of hurricanes and thunder
to realize that this is the very reason
you are in my life.
my morphine in the worst of times,
my dopamine in the best of times.
there was not a time i took your

presence for granted. and there was not a moment
this heart did not beat for you.
and with this change not only comes
love on fire, but will also be
a simple
metamorphosis of myself.
thank you for staying

- anonymous

happy nineteenth
BEACH and PANCAKES and FRIENDS tomorrow baby. thank you sun, i can finally see you shine!

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