Monday, November 24

the story starts here.

Once upon a friday spring morning, the super couple decided to defy the winds and curse the rains and head to the ever so magnificent Manly beach with their awesome UNSW crew. With so much pressure for being on time, the crew was there, but the hosts got the shiz when they arrived! It did not wreck the day though:) and this is what happened...

ferry ride: arch crew & bio crew, baby

Status: The sun is shining, the ferry swayed and splashed water across the p
assenger's faces and laughs were exchanged as jokes with dropped. then as we approached the beach, this happened

Recovery: Big brother waves slapped eachother as they crawled to shore. But the party did not stop here, my friends. No way.

Indulgence: With the conclusion of the first year of university, the arch students have not been satisfying their need for model making, so the venue did not stop their creativity. It is almost safe to say that they have been addicted to modelling now, the habit-forming nature of those countless balsa wood have entered their system

Hunger: An outing is never complete without some kind of fiest, a fod fest maybe?
(p.s. more people included in real life)

Separated: ended the day with more clicks from the SLR camera + uncoordinated blog formation.



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