Tuesday, November 18


PMS is by far the worst syndrome present to mankind, and sadly, women.

Life has been great, but it wouldn't be life if there were no buildings under- construction right? Everything needs mending here and there.

I think what made it worse, is the fact that I'm broke and the weather is not in the least helping. Seriously, is it so hard to ask for a little bit of sun and higher temperatures for friday. Im looking forward to tomorrow. I miss Lucy and Emma sooo much and I miss them with kalim even more cause they make me laugh:)

The whole abs thing might be a dream not coming true on friday, BUT it definitely will happen. I shall make sure of it. Im still contemplating on whether to go to my work meeting tomorrow, but I doubt ill end up going. Haha.

ALSO looking forward to Thursday and Friday! YEY! RAIN of sunshine we will swim and HAVE pancakes. bwhahahahhaa

nothing much to say and no pictures available atm to post, but this shall be filled soonies:) hhehehe until next time! adios!

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