Wednesday, October 1


its the first of october and im pinching and punching people whenever i remember.Is there a rule where you can do this tradition on the second day?hmmm

Dance tonight was i think awesome. I like my teacher. hhaha.train ride was MIGHTY amazing as well! MY dinner is only starting to digest AND that WAS fantastic!
met up with kevin today and catching up with Gibson's life story is always a rainfall experience! I saw CATHY and my friend, whose name i forgot and took me 2 tries to finally get it right.sigh SORY kirsten! the EVER lovely Fanga scared me shizzless as he snuk up on me and kevin. and Vinil.. aww its like a farting arthur phillip fiesta damn it! kevin bought 50 books.

thats all for today folks!
tomorrow will be a very HOT HOT HOT day

p.s. I Love You

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