Wednesday, September 24

tonight, your picture will do

OH MAH GEE! there is just so much to talk, think, blog about. I dont know how this entry will end up, or what topic itll conclude with. Today, psychology was spent learning about sleep, learning and memory. I wont be able to give everyone such a comprehensive tell tale of the whole lecture but what was said was definitely note worthy. Its crap how I dont go to all of my lectures because I know how cool it is, BUT then, I am definitely grateful for ilecture. It concluded with, GO sleep/NAP, its good for you. Sleep is my baby.

I have stacks to do, but since in not facebooking today, I thought to enter something, since this whole thing kinda relaxes me. Especially when I know no one reads this shizz (excluded those i tell about it of course). One week of uni recess is very much long awaited! In the bus home today, my head was just all over the place, that I actually called a different number instead of the one intended. Anyway, what I aim to express in this blog is my intrugue with the fact and the truth. Based on everything, I think it is safe to say that, just as Palahniuk said in Lullaby something along the lines of, we always come after the fact. It is safe to say that, truth also comes after the fact. When a friend states their your friend and eventually an event happen that shows the contrary,TRUTH comes and slaps you in the face. When she says she loves you but is contradicted by their actions and their eyes. Their eyes, ahh they say most of it, truth is after the fact. Most of the time, we never know the truth. People suffering from phobias like fear of spiders is exercised not to afraid of them, and that they are a natural inhabitant of this huge ecosystem. BUT should we really be NOTafraid with spiders?

Another issue that never seize to intrigue me is why everyone is shocked with suicide cases. The only explanation that I can come to is that, no one ever tells the truth. This blog sounds like the sadest thing I have written but what is to say that I dont think this? what suggests that I believe something totally different? what is to say sadness is not happiness? Like was said earlier, everyone learns after the event. You learn about the break up a week later. Would you stay with me? for how long? Was she a friend? Is that rose red or blue?Am I tired? Hungry perhaps?No one will ever know, no matter how close one is with another person, they will never know the exact torque, so to speak. Your cousin learns about suffering after the events and once she is said to "find god", again after the fact. All i can conclude is that certain captures you right in that moment. ahh bless music, bless the almighty ear and out meaty brain!

Im about to dissect a rat and play around with the organs in order to gain an inner understanding of its functions, and lets just say Im not all for it with flying colours. Theres too much uni work. I think people in MATH1041 should chill and relax and let me and Justin pass the course with flying colours. please with a cherry on top.

Fragments of thoughts;
Contemplation: should i go to uni tomorrow or not?
These arms of mine.
No money
Daynightmares vs Daydreams
Why do built environment freaks get to have sofas, big screen computers, music and a rock dude with insane tatoos teacher! LIFE is indeed imbalance.
One should not like a certain someone who is taken. Sorry.
And finally, I think im In need of new shoes. hmmm. reading glasses maybe?

You can find him sitting on your doorsteps waiting for your surprise.

p.s. I will wait a lifetime and I will wait for you. I do love you. Do you?

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