Monday, September 22

there is a turtle lurking in my calendar...

oh what a month, week, year! I havnt been sticking to the whole blogging often concept but at least i remember once in a while. I thinks its better to have a long as blog about random farts than a short lame paragraph. Like all the uni students will have realised by now, semester two is nearly over! for those who did not defer this sem, we MADE IT! sem 1 was fun as! but semester two kicked ass! I meant awesome people, caught up with great famous people, and the few treasured once, though I dont see them and update them much, is still around the corner. Awesome midnight conversation is still yet to happen!

This month was great, with the whole 19 year old concept, employed title, and the passing uni idea, aww what more can you ask. My one and only is still looking as fine as when I met him. Love is in the air to alot of people BUT there are those, who FINALLY realise that maybe staying with a guy doesnt have to be all hard work. THAT maybe keeping up with your boyfriend's imperfections have limits. This past months, were also months for great changes!START of something exciting. the lesson that everyone should understand before they die is that, LIFE ISN'T NICE. its anything but a nice and gentle environment. Its a dynamic, harsh and challenging place, ONLY few survive. The year 12s this year are starting to graduate and it makes me realise that time is like the wind. The breeze you felt a minute ago is never the same as the one you are about to feel the next minute. AND with time comes change. Just as time waits for no man, change is indeed inevitable. One should not fear change, infact the wisests of the wise men, embrace it. Everything "new" is never nice at first (purchasing new pairs of shoes excepted) the logic is, no one likes to be uncomfortable, and thats exactly what change does. It annoys you at first, then you learn to love the new thing and alas youre back on track, or shall I say you took on a BETTER track!

This blog is abit of a reflection in itself, yet a statement as well (a number of statements actually). The weather have been in its most fantastic mood! I love it.! I REALLY need aladdin pants. hmm just dont know where to get them. Anyway depsite my long "must finish by friday to do list" list,I manage to entertain my fellow blog readers.!bwhahha thats how it is man! FRIDAY i have a PSYCHOLOGY REPORT due and im in a slight panic, because Im only doing my research now!!gahhh! BUT bhwahahaha! good thing the flu left my system, ahhh the amazing human body!AND JUST to add something uneccessary, cotton on kids is on a massive sale! ITS crazy how low the prize gets man!! I wish I have a little boy and GIRL myself. OR a niece and nephew perhaps. hmmm SOMEONE GET MARRIED AND HAVE KIDS!! hurry!

some of the cool people ive meet this semester just make my week awesome
(in addition to sean of course)
- Justin
- Lucy
- BIOS LAB crew
- MATH1041 pm session peeps
my aim this week is to catch up with Art. hahha I havnt seen the guy in so long!hmm and MICHELLE AND ARISH! damn you health and exercise people. The salad shop at my uni is amazing!

hmmm alright enough random rants! I have to go start reading my eyes off.
until next time!


p.s. I love you

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