Thursday, October 9

H is for Happy, as T is for Tired

I stayed home to day to study, watch gossip girl, sleep, study, eat, eat, stress and sleep.
Yes an it was a berryberry productive day indeed in the gossip girl department because right now im up to the most current episode. Yeah baby. A special thanks to Jan for introducing me to a wonderful website:)

In the maths aisle, im still all gnarled up in chains. I am completely lost and this is definitely not due to not focusing BUT simply because, i havn't been practising and the psyc report just sucked all the fat in my thighs for me to man up and do maths. But there is always a silver lining and I believe I have to get through endless formulas and Excel nights to hand this in next week.

Just as the clown loves to play around people's heads, psychology devotes its attention to making sure students fail the course. And I am only a few steps to the deep fall. Surprisingly, I havn't been pulling some bad marks..but my luck is about to run out sometimes right=) just thankful i have research participation to back me up, 4% oh daym! bwhahah Im happy:) anyway. group project sucks, but my group rocks! bludgers BUT last minute genius-es!!

biology test tomorrow, im just as cool as a feather.

I feel like pancakes!! YUM...short stack with ice cream YUM...
as of last last friday, Money would be good too~!

p.s. xoxo turtle

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