Sunday, October 19

There are a few things I would like to touch on today.
Firstly, With the lovely sun just outside the window, there is no wonder people forget the dark festive season on Halloween. Personally, I have not been into it persay, with the whole trick or treating and scary mask parties, BUT I would always love a good horror film=) So I figured maybe i should share some of my favourite scary movie of all time.

These are the only titles that can fit on my long term memory for the moment. BUT there have been numerous classic scary movies in the past. Im not so sure about good new ones though, the quality have been declining over time. Well I wish every one a fantastic Halloween season and stay away from the dark earthlings.

Secondly, despite the forgotten driving agenda for today, I did not forget my need for a new desktop wallpaper. During the search I went to Hurley, SDS, CityBeach, and Insight51 website. AND I must say, Insight51 and Hurley made my heart skip a beat in both directions, up and down.
My heart skipped a beat downwards, when I went to the Hurley website because, the site wasnt arranged properly. I had an anti climatic experience when informed that there will be an art show in a matter of days..... IN USA -_- (exit window)
Insight was rather nice, because they had DOPAMINE in theirs. During the past few catching up days, I was introduced to this neurotransmitter and how different drugs can affect it. I thought the Insight/Dopamine campaign is about combating drug, which will be very very good, But instead the campaign is kind of like a culture campaign. Its a little like a fashion "season" (STILL AWESOME). Another bonus to this campaign are its ever so fascinating POSTERS. You guys should go to the site and check out one of the coolest bunch of posters you will ever see.

Finally, architecture is beautiful when done by beautiful people. When i was a little younger, like most of us, I did not know a speck about architecture. And many of us still dont until now, its only when you know someone that you realise how cool it is and it is only when someone close to you is an architect that you start to see materials in an architects point of view. I am no architect, but I can tell you, that when people say you need religion to experience and realise how wonderful the world is, THEY are wrong. Architects experience and realise materials, space, life, and purpose beyond reality. You want a proof, alright, The nest time you turn to the corner and see a bulding, ask yourself, WOULD you have been able to design such monstrocity. IF not, then, my point was made. IF yes, then maybe you should do architecture at uni=) what about that huh?

Anyway times, up.Thats all for now. I can smell fried chicken -_-

p.s. I ♥ you

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