Friday, October 24

schizophrenic weather, and so is the week.

TGIF! i am tired as hell. This week have been exhausting like no other. The long awaited biology prac was a female dog in its glory. and so was my pms-ing Lucy. hahhaa i love her though. and its funny how the phrase "you learn something new everyday" is under-rated. it is so true. today i learnt that certain people hates certain type of food with rageing passion. it makes me laugh. I love semester two of uni. AND i am hating the wait for my impending fail. DAMN. Emma is now in relationship with CAPTAIN SHEBASS.

Belated happy birthday to this guy at uni, Chester. No further comment.

Also I would like to add a little disclaimer on what i said about architects la
st time. IN my opinion I think thet are also a bunch of lazy farts that think they are better than the human health itself that they defy the circadian rhythm of the mind. well let me tell everybody, all nighters is not cool. im sorry but its not. the competition is for the person who gets the most sleep in today's world. But despite this, it doesn't mean to day that they are not amazing at what they do;)

one tree hill and gossip girl is the bomb digitty.!.!
I adore Chuck Bass.

anyway! i hope that is all I wanted to say, because I dont want to be blogging during the time i am MEANT to be studying! gahhhh.

i shall leave you with awesome shots:)

p.s. sleeptight my love.

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