Thursday, October 16

spring/summer clean
a very important phenomenon called the placebo effect very much exists except for the fact that we ignore it. we dont like the fact that everything we say or do is just a few firing o nerve ciruits. We hate hearing the simple explanation that, we can basically think our way through anything. We, as human, dont like simplicity. For some odd reason we love trying to make things complicated. Theories and not turned into Laws even though they make sense (yes maybe the inability of scientific evidence is still in question) but at what point do we say something is a sufficient evidence or not. Even with that we cant decide upon. This is why people get so problematic with simple stuff. Yes life is freaken damn hard. BUT its harder when you try to complicate it. Keep everything simple.

Short tips to having a simple and cool life:
- dont take too long picking out an outfit. No one cares
- try avoiding comparing yourself to everyone else. No one cares
- Its ok to gossip, as long as its your business.
- no matter how convenient credit cards are, if you cant control your cash now, maybe you should avoid getting it in a card form, you might die.
- best thing about spring is that everything is NEW. find something new and enjoy=)
- clean your room/apartment
- draw a house/ building
p.s. I ♥ you

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