Saturday, August 2

Season 4 SYTYCD has been well underway and they are now into their top 4:) and the performances have just been so awesome, so putting them all on the blog will just be so packed, so ive decided to just paste the links and you guys can just flick through them. Its awesome, you wont be disappointed!

Top 6
Vienesse Waltz
Jazz (this is just insanely awesome)
Paso Doble

Thursday was Kevin's birthday and so we met up with him and chat for a few hours. It was great, and it was crao that we didnt get to go to his dinner. its almost funny, cause hes one of our most awesome friends and things are just not arrange the way it should be sometimes. BUT im planning for more dinners:) so i have to go to work now and get money. bwahhaha. enjoy guys. sorry for the short blog but i dont have much time and ideas. maybe next time!!!
btw, uni sucks!!jajajja

p.s. I love you

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